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Texas Pools and Patios


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Partial Event Images Below include:

Texas Historical Commission, Dell, Imagine Away, CapStar Financial, Global Business Travel Association, 

Crown V Photography will capture a wide range of photos to visually and creativly communicate all aspects of your commercial job or event. We will work with you and your company to customize exactly what you envision for your final product. 

  • Establishing Shots: Showcases the venue as a whole as well as the unique amenities. Shots are designed to place viewers in the setting and sets expectations for the remaining shots.

  • Setup Shots: If you request our photographers to arrive prior to your event, we’ll capturel the process of setting up your event with a series of wide and close up shots of your crew in action.

  • VIP Shots: Often times there are important individuals that attend your event. You will want your guests of honor, keynote speakers, company executives, etc...highlighted at your event. 

  • Candid Shots: The subjects of these photos are unaware of the photographers presence when captured, resulting in an authentic experience at your event.

  • Staged Shots: Opposite of candid shots, the subjects of these photos are aware of the photographer’s presence and pose for the camera. 

  • Action Shots: These photos capture the activities of your event as your attendees participate.


All rates are customized based on Event and Commercial jobs.